What is Travel Like in This Time of COVID-19

Trip Preparation 

When our clients decide the time is right to travel again, we at Travel Agents International want to make sure they are prepared in every way. I am departing tomorrow for Beaches Negril,  Jamaica, and will tell you all about my 2020 pandemic travel experience. Preparation for international travel is much more complex than in previous years, as the COVID-19 protocol changes daily. Some Caribbean islands are requiring a negative Covid test within 10 days of arrival.  I have had my  test, and I am bringing my  written results. Jamaica also requires you to apply for a Travel Authorization within 5 days of travel. Once you get approved you will need a paper or digital copy in order to travel to then island. We have our passports, negative COVID test, Travel Authorization, masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and are ready to travel again! Check back tomorrow to hear about our check-in process at the airport as well as our international flight experience!

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