Airline Travel During the Pandemic

Airport and Airline Protocols

We departed GSP for the first flight on American Airlines to our connection in Charlotte, and arrived at the airport about an hour and a half before departure. The airport was not crowded and we went right to the check-in desk. There were extra questions about our health, but overall the check in and TSA Lines were normal. Almost everyone wore masks, though I was surprised to see a few people without. However, you cannot board your flight without a mask.

Since April, airlines have been forced to cut their schedules as people are not flying as much during this pandemic. When we originally booked our trip to Jamaica, American Airlines had 3 flights a day from Charlotte to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and now there is only one flight a day. Because of flight reductions, be prepared for schedule changes. Airlines are selling middle seats again (as they had stopped for some time) and I was surprised that our flight was about 80 percent full. We were handed a bag with a bottle of water, cookies and hand wipes, but there were no drink carts or snacks offered during the flights.

Tomorrow I will tell you about our international arrival process in Jamaica.

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