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If I had the option to go anywhere and do anything, I would visit the Scandinavian country of Denmark. This country rolls out all kinds of entertainment, from heritage treats, architecture treasures, modern art, and delicious cuisine.  It is one of the best and unique countries to visit. Denmark has beautiful beaches, castles, and parks. The country becomes magical during the winter season, especially during Christmas. Billund is famous for being the birthplace of Lego. There are lego houses in this rural town!  The famous Kronborg Castle was Shakespeare’s inspiration for “Elsinore” in the famous play Hamlett and is visited by millions of tourists yearly. The scenic 10-mile Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark has a spectacular scenic view.There is a town by the name of Aarhus, Denmark that is full of history. This city is has little shops, beautiful houses, food and drink and many friendly people.  There is a Danish island by the name of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea that has architecture from the 1800’s. Denmark has been shaped by Viking history. In Roskilde there is a Viking Museum that is famous for it’s massive reconstructed Viking ships dating from 1000 AD.  It does not matter what time of the year or season you visit Denmark, their beaches and sand dunes are breathtaking. The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is a bronze statue depicting a small mermaid becoming a human. She is approximately 4 feet tall and the sculpture is displayed on a rock by the waterside. Denmark is a kingdom of thriving cities and most importantly is one of the safest countries to visit.

My specialty is DESTINATION. Keeping up with the inside knowledge of the hottest deals, promotions and local happenings is my priority. I started in the travel business in 1978 with Delta Air Lines and worked for Delta for many years in the Customer Service Department. I am very dedicated to each client’s needs or request. It is very important to ensure the travel experience for my clients will encompass the best customer service as possible. I want clients to be able to escape life for a while and “fuel their souls with travel”. Let me book your travel – Value the Experience YOUR WORLD YOUR WAY.

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