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Shera Housey

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My ultimate travel goal would be to experience an Africa culture and safari tour. I’ve always been intrigued with diverse wildlife and the history Africa has to offer. My wish is to explore clay villages, ancient ruins, deserts and safaris; while learning about their traditions and enriched history.  Places like Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda and Morocco would offer the most breathtaking highlights on my wish list.

My specialty is Destination Weddings, Cruises, Family and Group Vacations. This includes romantic vacations, guided-expeditions, golf trips, culinary vacations, church outings and last-minute getaways.

Weddings are the most beautiful occasion to celebrate; especially destination weddings. After planning my wedding several years ago in Dominican Republic, I soon found myself planning weddings for others and discovered this was my niche. Traveling, for me, has always been to experience the destination in its fullness. Discovering local history, culture, shopping and excursions will make any vacation a memorable one with the right planning and knowledge of the destination. My travel planning has always allowed me to share these experiences with clients; to ensure them a safe and fun vacation. Caribbean travel has always been my most frequent travel destination that I hold close to my heart.

Traveling the world has been my dream since a child. At the age sixteen, I planned and paid for my very first vacation to Puerto Rico. Being a frequent traveler within my family and friends, I became the “go to person” on travel tips, destinations and planning. I enjoyed planning trips for others; in which it became evident being a travel advisor was my calling and has been a pleasure to work with individuals from all walks of life.




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