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Lynne Garrison


Phone: 864-288-6839
Email: lynnec@charter.net

Interesting Fact : I went through a dare devil time in my 30’s -sky dive, scuba dive, bungee jump, and drove a race car.

If I could go anywhere? I would go back to New Zealand. I enjoyed the people and the scenery so much. The people were so nice and the scenery was so varied and breath taking. I would like to take a few months to really learn both the North and South Island.

I specialize in groups, mostly Incentive groups, but I book all types of groups.

I graduated college with a psychology degree in 1985, and that summer took a new course at our local Technical school on How to be a Travel Agent. I got a job a few months later as a travel advisor and I believe I use my psychology degree every day!

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