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Cindy Skipper

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My first choice of where I would like to go would be to explore Alaska by train!  I would love to see the wildlife and Grand Scenic Glaciers and snow capped mountain peaks again.

My second choice would be to tour Europe by train.  I would love to see the Highlands in Scotland and castles in Ireland.

My Third choice would be visit Australia and New Zealand.  I would love to see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Fiordland in New Zealand.

I specialize in booking honeymoons.  All of my honeymooners want an all-inclusive, romantic resorts such as the AM Resorts or Sandals in the Caribbean or Mexico.  I also book a lot of cruises.

I became a travel advisor by working with my sister who owned and operated her own travel agency. With her guidance and many years of experience in the travel industry, she lead me on the path to becoming the travel advisor that I am today.



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