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Annice Peterman

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If I could do anything?  I would love to be a time traveler. Imagine seeing Da Vinci & Michelangelo paint/sculpt/ breath, visit Egypt, Peru, Xian China, Mexico to discover their building secrets, hitch a ride with Columbus then on the Mayflower, stand on the bow of the Titanic(before the iceberg), island hop ancient Hawaii, peak in while Jefferson & Franklin design our government, hike with Lewis & Clark, discover the US with the native Americans, crisscross Europe to scope out the historic buildings, events, architecture etc. from their inception; so many places, so little time…

I’m a jack of all travels but I relish the excitement of helping people craft the trip of their dreams which allows me to share in their experience. There is never a dull travel moment around our office!

I was very fortunate that our parents managed to plan fun family vacations for us so my love of travel started early. The ‘aha’ moment was a whirlwind group tour of Europe with my brother. That pretty much sealed the deal on my profession and I started out part time with an agency while still in college. The rest is history and so far so good because there are still plenty of places left on my bucket list!



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